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Into The Stars Gets Bumper Update, Includes Babies

In space, they say, no one can hear you scream. Which is just as well if you're raising a baby on board the Ark-13. Since we first visited Fugitive Games' first-person space captain-a-thon Into The Stars [official site] in January, it's been successfully Kickstarted and thrust full-speed into Steam Early Access. It's now received a pretty wholesome update, adding a load of new features.

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Make It Show: 15 Mins Of Into The Stars Gameplay

Who'd be the pilot of Ark-13? More to the point, why would anyone even consider flirting with fate by numbering a starship "13", especially after contact has been lost with previous arks? Ach, those starship engineers with their rationalist outlooks. When last we wrote of Into The Stars [official site] it was in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign. Developers Fugitive Games won their funding…

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Into The Stars Is A Space Captain Sim On Kickstarter

The space game genre seemed to vanish around ten years ago. It returned in 2013, flourished last year, and is now reaching the point where it's hard to continue describing "space" as a genre. Just like "forest" isn't a genre, space is a setting, and one in which all kinds of games are now being made. Today's take on inky blackness: Into The Stars, a…

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