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Invade Your Own Home: Intruder Adds Custom Maps

This is a sneaking mission.

Intruder might not be the prettiest game at this point in its development, but what we played of it was fine team-based first-person stealth-o-shooting with handy gadgets. Now you can live your dreams of joining a team to break out of your office undetected, as a hearty patch launched shortly before Christmas adding newness including support for custom levels. We would’ve told you then, but, well, I had mulled wine. Oh, now it has ziplines too. Can’t forget the ziplines.

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Hands-On: Intruder


Intruder is a tactical multiplayer game currently in very limited alpha. I was one of the few people to get early access, and more keys are on the way. The best place to keep track of sales is the Superboss Twitter account, and I think after you hear about my experiences with it you’ll probably want to. It’s lots of fun.

There is a pivot point in most tactical multiplayer games, a moment where plans crumble and everything goes wrong, and–if everyone is friendly– it makes the game ten times better. Swat 4 had it. Rainbow Six had it. And Intruder has it. Hell, Intruder quantifies it. On the bottom left corner of the screen is a balance indicator: keep it in the high 90s and you’re a sniping, sneaking, stealth master. When you’re panicking and sprinting away from danger, which is the only time you should be running, it lowers to under 50, affecting your aim. Stand on a railing, however, and it hits zero, pitching you headfirst over the side. Intruder makes you clumsy by design.

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Just SWAT The Doctor Ordered: Intruder

Pretend it's firing, okay.
It’s just a scooch over a year since RPS first peeked into the indie tactical shooter, Intruder. It looked good enough to hang around the back of my brain, insistently waiting for me to remember to check it out again. And today I did. Intruder looks like the sort of game that you’d make if you loved tactical shooters, but don’t care about major cities or worry about dramatic plot twists. Just a couple of teams in a confined space with a lot of guns and gadgets.
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Making A House Call: Intruder

Down a bit, down a bit - to the left - down - up a bit - oh, that's it. Thanks man, this jumper itches like hell.

Intruder is a forthcoming Unity-powered multiplayer tactical FPS that’s been in development for barely two months from a two man team and I’m already excited. As the team explains in their notes, inspiration is strongly felt from the SWAT series with the mission statement of “stealth and cunning over twitch gameplay”. The tense thinky combat is already on show, even if the build is so alpha nobody can see their own hands yet. What’s getting me so interested this early is how developers Superboss Games are handling doors. Click through for a demonstration video, but remember to check your six.

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