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The Flare Path: Iron Cross Edition

 My Great Uncle Alf was a very brave and versatile soldier. Identify his multinational medal haul and you could win 9 gold FP points and 1 iron one.

Usually a radio-controlled Zeppelin or the promise of a footplate ride on an elderly diesel loco, is enough to get a dev or publisher game coverage in the The Flare Path. This week however, bungs alone are insufficient. The three lovelies lionised south of the jump all earned their places through Sheer Merit. Well, Sheer Merit and a Shared Moniker, if you want to be pedantic. Meine Damen und Herren, I give you Iron Cross, Iron Cross, and Rise of Flight: The Iron Cross Edition.

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There’s No Fe: Iron Cross Open Beta

I think it's trying to spell out something.

Firmly in the category of Mr Timothy Stone and his acolytes is Iron Cross, a new multiplayer strategy from indie Croatian developers, Panzer Division. Focusing on the North African element of Mega War II, you can play as the Goodies or the Baddies, and it’s free. It’s also now in open beta, which makes it ultra-free. Being in beta, the developers explain, “you can expect game upgrades and occasional problems. Come on, download it and have fun!” You can get the beta from right here.