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Wot I Think: Ironcast

You may remember the recent news that a lorry, aeroplane and cargo ship all carrying gaming genres crashed into each other off the coast of the M4 near Swindon. What you may not have heard is that emerging Terminator-like from the resulting carnage appeared Ironcast [official site]. A turn-based match-3 roguelite steampunk resource-management RPG. Here’s wot I think:

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France Macabre: Ironcast Impressions

I’ve spent some time this morning playing with a pre-alpha build of Ironcast, the Victorian steam-mech game that I hoped would be the successor to Puzzle Quest that I’ve craved for so long. It’s certainly a handsome game, with a great deal of attention lavished on the world and its characters. There are two commanders available in the build and mechs with various in-built abilities and equipment loadouts. Combat is tactically intricate in comparison to many Match 3 games, due to a reliance on gathering resources that are used to activate various pieces of equipment and weaponry, rather than simply aiming for victorious cascades. It’s a powerful tonic and still in need of a final funding push.

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Steampunk Puzzle Quest: Ironcast

Just last week I was wailing about the lack of a decent Puzzle Quest successor in my life and, lo, it’s as if the Kickstarter gods were listening. Ironcast is Puzzle Quest, with steampunk mechs stomping around Victorian London, fighting for queen and country. Except that’s not quite the full story, even though it would probably have been enough to capture my attention. The grid-based matching has a much stronger tactical element, with colours powering systems, which can be used to target specific enemy components with a variety of weapon types, disabling shields or other functional parts. Campaigning is also intriguing and, like a mech made out of a box of springs and Colonel Paste’s mechanical trouser, Ironcast appears to be more than the sum of its parts.

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