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Have You Played… It Came From The Desert!?

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Cinemaware made interactive movies long before that should even have been possible. It Came From The Desert was first released in 1989, and you’d better believe it turned heads. I remember reading the magazines of the time and it felt like just about every company that sold games tried to squeeze in picture of one of those giant ants intimidating this small American town. Surely that alone filled up the disks?

You’d think. But no. It Came From The Desert was movie magic and I mean magic.

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What Cinemaware Understood About Cinema And Games

Cinematic! What a loaded word it’s become. Once the game industry’s marketing buzzword du jour, the descriptor certainly earned its current status as a groanworthy sign that a developer would much rather be doing something else.

With such a disclaimer then, it’s safe to specify why It Came From The Desert, and in fact most games from its developer Cinemaware, had “cinematic” firmly in their sights. But in a good way.

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