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J. Nash Watch: Or Something Launches

An advert from his site. Famously, there's no pictures of the chap.

J. Nash is back on the electric internet. This is to be celebrated. He’s a games journalist writer on games and other things – not least the splendid Sexton Blake for the British Radiobroadcasting Air-talk-machine-o-company. He’s also one of the obvious big influences on everything worthwhile that’s ever come from the British gaming press (Subtract Brooker, Nash and Campbell from the genepool, and you’re left with… well, Edge. Imagine if Edge was the only influence on games writing. Brrr). There’s not a mass of stuff there yet, but games relevant stuff includes his 11,000 words on Driver-3 collated from E-mails, as if Tim Rogers instead of being a posturing hipster-sort had only read Edwardian pulp thrillers. Oh – and only talked about the game. He also did the back pages for PC Gamer for ages, and they’re starting to be presented here. Hurrah!

An Intermission: The Adventures Of Sexton Blake


This is slightly outside the boundaries of our remit, but it’s a special occasion. At 21:15 this evening on BBC Radio 2 the first episode of The Adventures of Sexton Blake is broadcast. Edit: You can listen to it here – for the love of all that’s holy, skip to 3:40 lest your ears burn at the horrendous programme that preceded it. Sexton Blake is a fascinating fictional figure, whose detective stories have been told by over 200 authors since 1893, each without a care for canon. However, in all his 116 years, he’s never been in a videogame. We bring this programme to your attention for another reason: it is co-written by Mr J Nash.

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