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Level With Me, Jack Monahan

Doesn't look so dark to me.
“Level with Me” is a series of conversations about level design between modder Robert Yang and a level designer of a first person game. At the end of each interview, they collaborate on a Portal 2 level shared across all the sessions – and at the very end of the series, you’ll get to download and play this “roundtable level.” This is Part 2 of 7.

Upon visiting the game artist forum Polycount, the first thing you’ll see will be Jack “Gauss” Monahan telling someone the rail mount on their M4A1 gun model is misaligned by a few millimeters. He was also lead level designer on the 2009 shooter Darkest of Days, a well-intentioned time-traveling adventure where you annihilate entire Roman legions in the face with a laser rifle. Now, he blogs at Design Reboot and works on his indie UDK shooter, Animal Memory.
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Hypothetical Gaming: Design Reboot

I want to see this game right away.

Design Reboot is a site that pitches hypothetical reboots, redesigns or sequels for games, along with descriptions for how it might work, accompanied by some beautiful concept illustrations. It’s the work of independent games developer Jack Monahan, who is both a level designer and a concept artist. What would Half-Life have been like if Valve had stuck with their first protagonist, Ivan the Space Biker? How could Unreal be reimagined today? And who exactly is Deus Ex’s Gunther?

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