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Bum-Bo’s free DLC is back on track after a pretty crap year

We haven't heard from deckbuilding Isaac spin-off The Legend Of Bum-bo in a while, have we? After launching in a shaky state last year, the cardboard sewer-crawler creators went silent. Finally speaking this week, creator Edmund McMillen explained that the team have had a particularly rocky time with 2020 - and that hopefully, things have settled long enough to finally get back on track on…

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Feature: Toilet horror

The Legend Of Bum-Bo review

Bum-bo has to deal with a lot of crap. Sometimes that crap is very literal, sentient, and coming straight for him. Sometimes, the crap is still literal, but it's his tool and his shield. It fuels his nightmares, and his special abilities. It's his deuce in the hole.Crap jokes feel inevitable here, because The Legend Of Bum-Bo is a prequel to The Binding Of Issac.…

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The Legend Of Bum-bo, a cardboard Isaac prequel, is out now

By my estimates, roughly seven trillion so-called roguelikes have come out since Edmund McMillan first offered up The Binding Of Isaac back in (oh no) 2011. But you can't keep McMillan and his naked infant children out of the basement for long. The Legend Of Bum-bo, a strange deckbuilding/match-four mashup painted in cardboard, embarks on its gross-out adventure today.

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