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Kooky: Sverak & Dvorský Film Now In English

Aw, cuddles!

You may remember that back in April Alec brought us news of a film – now named just Kooky – featuring the work of Amanita Design‘s Jakub Dvorský. The Czech film, from Oscar winning director Jan Sverak, looked unbelievably gorgeous in its trailer, but of course a little linguistically impenetrable by those not of Czech descent. The film, which isn’t a game but we don’t care because Dvorský is involved, has now received a dubbing into English.

But before you scream out, “But subtitles are better than dubbing!”, Sverak explains that “Kooky is too packed with visuals for these to work.” There’s a few more details, and the freshly dubbed trailer below. And gosh, who is that providing the trailer narration? It’s only Jeremy Irons.

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