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Japanese Spider Crabs Why Not

This crab is eating a mollusc - it was very dainty about it

When I go to esports events I spend a lot of time in arenas and darkened studios focusing on screens and on digital worlds. Matches run long, interviews and transcriptions pepper the day and free time ends up being extra writing time. I want to attend the tournaments, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you get home and realise you saw nothing of an entire city even though you were there a whole week.

That is why I ended up at the Georgia Aquarium yesterday. I’d paid my dues to the gods of Smite, wrapped up all my Paladins interviews and had hours to kill between checking out and my home flight*. The Japanese Spider Crabs caught my attention. They’re so alien and beautiful, living on the seabeds of the Pacific Ocean around Japan. I’ve been reading up about them. Here are some things I found out:

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