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Continue? Stars A Game Hero Making Peace With Deletion

And also giant teeth monsters.

The game’s full name is actually¬†Continue?9876543210, but fitting all of that in a headline would’ve required a piston-powered clamp, a really big hammer, and a shrink ray. This one looks magnificently fascinating, though. You might recognize the Swords & Sworcery-esque art style from the surprisingly solid Skrillex Quest, which developer Jason Oda also infused with his glitchy sensibilities. Continue, however, is far less tongue-in-cheek, aiming for heavy heartstrings over light and flighty giggleboxes. You play as a recently deceased videogame hero wandering a world of Random Access Memories. Ultimately, you¬†will be deleted, but as you wander a fraying, pixelated landscape behind the scenes of our favorite games, your goal is to find peace.

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I Dub Skrillex Quest… Shockingly Decent

Stuff gets weird, man. Real weird.

I do not enjoy the musical stylings of Skrillex. I fully acknowledge that some people do, and that’s awesome. Music is wonderful in all its various forms, so good for you. (On the other hand, I don’t particularly enjoy his hair stylings either, and if you do, you’re irredeemable.) At any rate, in spite of his probable sky palace held aloft by glorious golden chains tethered to god’s toenails, Skrillex now has something that could be considered an “independent videogame.” Here’s the weird thing, though: it’s kind of good. Created primarily by Jason Oda, Skrillex Quest is a fairly ambitious (at least, in terms of scope) effort that mashes up bits of old-school Zelda, Swords and Sworcery, and trippy glitch visuals. Oh, and a Skrillex song, naturally.

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