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Impossigames: The 2011 Java4K Challenge

Nng. Fairies.

Come on, you can’t make a game in just four kilobytes. That’s just impossible. It’s crazy talk. It’s… oh, 45 people have done it this year alone, and many dozens more (including none other than Notch) in years gone by. Hmmph.

Java4K is an annual contest to create java-based browser games that use no more than that sainted figure. 4096 bytes. That’s all. By comparison, the 600-word Word document I saved this morning is 31K. We’re really talking about tiny here. But enough about Jim Rossignol. The results of the 2011 contest are in, and you can play all 45 of them right now – including miniature remakes of all manner of retromancers’ favourite games, such as wee Zelda above.
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