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RiotLyte Asks: What Is League Of Legends’ End Game?

While out at Riot HQ in Los Angeles, I was able to grab a bit of time with Jeffrey Lin, Lead Game Designer of Social Systems. He’s probably most famous for his work on the player behaviour side of League of Legends [official site] but his job encompasses pretty much everything outside the core game experience – anything from the new champion select experience to helping work out what the League of Legends “end game” should be. Read on as we talk about end games, inspirations and how a non-existent nerf sent a champion’s win-rate plummeting…

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League Of Legends Rewards Clean Chat Records

Sunshine lollipops and rainbows everything that's wonderful is how I feel when we're together...

League of Legends players with a clean record when it comes to chat behaviour in the 2014 season will be rewarded with a boost that increases the influence points they earn from the next four games they win. In case you’re not a LoL player, influence points can be spent to unlock new champions, runes and runebook pages in the game.

The reward is part of Riot’s broader work when it comes to the thorny subject of player behaviour. The company actually have a team dedicated to exploring how people play together online led by Jeffrey Lin, whose background is in cognitive neuroscience. They’re currently focused on dealing with cases of extreme verbal toxicity in the game.

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