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Night-Mayor: Jeklynn Heights Hits Early Access

The last time we posted about Jeklynn Heights [official site], the words were the work of old man Rossignol, which means the news was probably inked onto an illuminated manuscript. Back then (December, 2010), the game’s creator Ryan Wenke described it as “a dark fairy tale multiplayer game that combines a multitude of genres including FPS, RPG, Action, and Adventure”, and now that the game is in Early Access, we can see for ourselves.

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And Now: A Tour Around Jeklynn Heights

This week I spoke to Vex Studios’ Ryan Wenke about their forthcoming UDK-based game, Jeklynn Heights. It’s a sort of spooky fairytale multiplayer game with visuals that look like something out of one of the Alice games, or a Tim Burton movie. If that wasn’t interesting enough, it’s also messing about with a number of concepts such as character progression and mixed perspectives. Wenke told me a bit about his studio’s esoteric approach to game development, and opens an invitation to you lot to sign up to the beta test of the game and find out what it’s all about.
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