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Seeking Spacebucks: Astrobase Command Kickstarter

If ever proof were needed that Kickstarter is capable of warping the mind, I almost opened this post about Astrobase Command by claiming that the game probably already had more features than Spacebase DF-9. The two do look similar but in fairness to Doublefine’s take on space station management, its current Steam Early Access version may be lean but it is possible for the public to play it. Astrobase Command, which I’ve enthused about before, is currently seeking 145,000 Canadian Dollars via Kickstarter and although there’s nothing to play just yet, it’s an appealing project. It’s part single player Space Station 13 and part sci-fi Dwarf Fortress.

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Station To Station: Astrobase Command

Craig sent me a link to Astrobase Command earlier today, wisely recognising it as the sort of thing that would cheer me on a dank and earthbound Thursday (I spend Wednesdays on the moon). Unfortunately, the link appeared in a tiny chat window, running over two lines, and momentarily creating the thrilling promise of a game called Astrobastard Commander. I want to play that game. Thankfully, Astrobase Commander looks great as well and should present plenty of chances to behave like a terrible space-bastard. It’s “a sci-fi sandbox space station-building game with roguelike elements and AI-generated stories”. I’m thinking Redshirt, Space Station 13 and more conventional base-building all mixed into a potent brew, or perhaps compacted into a nutritious pill.

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