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Quick-Time Events, and the Scourge Thereof

I’m aware this is probably a bit like asking “does anyone here like being stabbed in the eyeball?”, but I’m going to do it anyway, as in my fondest, craziest imaginings this post gets a few thousand concurring comments, every publisher and developer in the games industry realises the error of their ways as a result and never does it again.

So: hands up who likes Quick-Time Events (QTEs)?


OK, let’s put it another way. Hands up who hates QTEs?

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Jericho’s Walls Come Tumbling Down

In a year when great FPS aren’t exactly as rare as ammunition in a survival horror game, Clive Barker’s Jericho has kind of slipped through the cracks. Now with its 1.06Gb 1 level demo released, it’s time for it to get a little more attention. Barker’s been involved in games before, of course, most notably Clive Barker’s Undying (Which always sounded like a warning more than a game title to me – i.e. “Do not fight Clive Barker – your blows with slide from his skin like gentle rain!”) as well acting as gaming’s brave knight riding forth against the the dragonish Ebert. Jericho is at once Very Clive Barker and also Very Videogame. That means you have things like this looming out of your screen at you. Growls!


The oddest thing about Jericho is what it reminds me of.

Daikatana. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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