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Going For The Hard Cel: Jet Set Radio HD

UPDATE: here it is.

Famed skating hipster game Jet Set Radio is getting a fashionable HD re-release on… today. Reportedly, the game will appear on Steam, costing $9.99 / £5.99 / €6.49, but no sign of it yet. Wake up, West Coast America! Wake up, I say.

Jet Set Radio was, of course, famed for its Dreamcast release back in 2000, where it received widespread hi-fives from jubilant games journalists and smiling, happy gamers. It returns now with buffed camera and other tweaks to make it palatable in the dark, cynical times of 2012. Will the PC version be any cop? Toss a coin to decide! Oddly exposition-rich release trailer below.
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Good News: Jet Set Radio HD Will Launch


We have, of course, alerted you to the existence of the absolutely wonderful Jet Set Radio’s HD remake (and first ever appearance on PC), but there’s one thing even our 120 percent proven brain-and-attractiveness-boosting infobytes didn’t include: a release date. Truth be told, I feared there wasn’t ever going to be one. I just figured Sega was playing some cruel joke on all of us – serving up mouthwatering morsels of its graffiti-covered opus, but never delivering the main course. And somewhere, Sega brass would just laugh and laugh while our dreams of rocket-powered skating shenanigans poofed into bitter nothingness. But that’d be a pretty silly way to run a business, so Sega’s doing the normal “exchange money for good and services” thing instead.

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Track Suite: Jet Set Radio Reveals Track Listing

When I grow up I want to be cell-shaded.
Sega have announced the tracklist for Jet Set Radio HD (will it be called Jet Grind Radio again in the US?), which will be arriving on PC later this year. There’s also a new trailer to celebrate this fact, which you can see below. It’s apparently some kind of amalgamation of the tracklisting from the various versions of the game that were released around the world when it first appeared on the Dreamcast.

Man, the year 2000 seems like a long time ago…
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Don’t Miss A Beat: Jet Set Radio HD

Spray it one more time

The weekend was a little grey, a little dull, although even as an Englishman I can’t blame the weather for not trying harder. Instead, I’ll lay the blame at the door of the internal imbalance that left me huddled on the couch underneath a blanket wishing I could enter the halls of sleep until waking life became slightly less of a chore. What better way to start a new week in which I am a man reinvigorated than with a trailer for Jet Set Radio HD. That’ll put the colour back in my cheeks and onto my monitor. Admittedly, it doesn’t look more highly defined than the Dreamcast version from where I’m sitting, but it’s a treat for the senses nonetheless.

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