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Space station sim Stable Orbit is out today

This space station agreed to be interview under condition of anonymity, so we have obscured its front side

You can be a judicious and talented overseer of a realistic space station in Stable Orbit [official site]. Or you can accidentally jettison the food module into space and watch helplessly as the astronauts starve to death hundreds of kilometres from everything they have ever known and loved. I took the latter option when I played the orbital management sim earlier this year, but you might be a more intelligent station manager. I’m telling you all this because it’s out today, free from the terrible gravity of early access.
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Space station sim enters a Stable Orbit next week

Space, one of the frontiers

I enjoyed the starry skies and floating tranquillity of space station sim Stable Orbit [official site], even if my decisions led to the deaths of multiple astronauts. The game was a bit thin on features when I last played, like a clinically clean version of Kerbal Space Program, but new things have been added in time for its release this month. It’s taking off from the early access launchpad in t-minus 8 days, exiting the unfinished game atmosphere on Sept 27 and extending its “buy me” panels once in orbit. Will it survive the cold, dark void of the internet, or will it burn up on re-entry? Excuse me, the metaphor exhausts are over-heating. I have to go.
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