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Cop-Out: Precinct Crowd-Funding Cancelled

Gaze upon the magnificence of this image and weep. It's probably the final time we'll see that man's 'tache and crotch
There are plenty of pitfalls that come with crowd-funding. Hell, even successful campaigns suffer from cashflow problems. But I’d imagine Precinct, the spiritual successor to Police Quest, would rather be in that position than the one it’s currently in. After a collapsed Kickstarter, the game’s second attempt at bucket rattling hasn’t taken in the necessary funds, with only $11,961 pledged in three weeks. In a sad statement to the community, the developers have announced that it’s effectively cancelled.
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Precinct Kickstarter Arrested, Alternative Funds Sought

Excuse me, I moustache you a question.
For whatever reason, the spiritual successor to Police Squad, Precinct, just didn’t capture the imagination of the Kickstarter crowd. This week should have been the final hurrah, but the game had only scraped 15% of the hoped $500,000 goal. The team have decided it would be easier on everyone to just cancel the crow-funding. All is not lost, though. They still hope to fund the game, but instead of doing it on Kickstarter, they’re asking for direct donations.
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Interview: Jim Walls’ Arresting Development

Plans to expand the Police Quest universe with stories set in different services were dropped when it turned out nobody wanted to risk working for the Lytton Fire Department.

California Highway Patrol officer turned Police Quest designer Jim Walls is back, and he’s Kickstarting a spiritual sequel, Precinct. Pausing only to have the sudden realisation that my Skype contact list now looks like a Sierra employee directory from the early 90s, I caught up with him and executive producer Robert Lindsley to ask: will it be any cop?

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