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A Box Full Of Free: JogoBox

Everybody's free (to play Eye of the Beholder)

JogoBox is a superb idea. Download the installer and run the file and, right there on your computer, is a window into the past. No, sod that, not a window, a gateway, because you can step right through this and be back in the time of DOS and Dune II. With an interface a little like Desura, JogoBox is a compilation of free games, a digital distribution service without any charges. The first screen that met me offered Lost Vikings, One Must Fall: 2097, Beneath a Steel Sky and (ugh) Rick Dangerous. It’s like having nostalgia injected into my eyeballs. Click one, it downloads, you play, with any necessary DOSboxing handled by JogoBox. There are some new freeware games as well. Get it here.

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