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Thieves And Cowboys: Local Multiplayer Shoot-o-Bluffs


One needs real guile to pretend to be as stupid as a background NPC. Can you mill about seemingly at random while still accomplishing goals? Can you fool someone else trying to catch you at? You may think I’m asking about Spy Party but no, I’m thinking of other new-ish games floating around at the moment. Both are competitive local multiplayer games where all players are pretending to be NPCs while trying to sniff out and murder the others. Contact Cowboy is a free two-player same-keyboard game, while Thief Town is paid but more elaborate. I’ll explain.

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Don’t Panic: System Status 100

They don't like it up 'em.

“Interstellar panic simulator.” It’s not immediately clear why System Status 100 creator Jonothan Rubock calls his free browser game that. It’s easy-peasy at first, simply giving you a little froggy space robot and a steady stream of space bullets to jump over. Survive for 25 seconds and another box will open on the screen, starting another one-button minigame. Oh. Then another comes at 50. And another at 75. Then you’re experiencing interstellar panic. I’ve never quite reached 100 seconds, so I don’t know what happens, but the game has space for another four games. Crumbs.

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