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Dear God! It’s The Deer God, A 2D Platformer About Karma

Here’s what I know about The Deer God: it’s a platformer made in Unity in which you play as a hunter who has been turned into a deer. It’s 3D but mimicking pixel art, which gives it a neat, voxel-y style. It has co-op. The music is pretty. It has a Kickstarter project, which is almost halfway towards its goal with 20 days to go.

Here is what the Kickstarter page says about The Deer God: it will “challenge your religion and your platforming skills.” It is inspired by “being outside in the woods, building forts, seeing deer standing motionless in the forest and chasing after them.” It is, writes the creator, “dedicated to a small cardinal, whom I ran over recently. I feel bad about it – so I’ve decided to give him a second life within this game.”

The Kickstarter video is embedded below.

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