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I Choo-Choo-Chews You: Burrito Bison

Like Minotaur China Shop, but with less china, more jelly sweets and less regret

Bored? You are about to be unbored. Free browser game Burrito Bison is nothin’ but stoopid, and that’s why it works. It’s in the vein of about a million other play-until-you-fail infinite distance Flash and iOS games – Canabalt, Tiny Wings, you name it – but crucially it’s about a roid-raging bison wrestler fatally bouncing off the heads of vengeful gummi bears. The art’s lovely, it falls somewhere between sadism and absurdism, and it’s viciously compulusive in its cash-collection/skill-unlocking infini-cycle. I don’t have time to play this. I’m going to play this for the rest of the day.

Via Edge.