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Kojima Productions may work on a horror game with Junji Ito

We may still be coaxing strand man Sam across the United States in Death Stranding, but Kojima Productions are already looking forward to the next strand of their game development plans. Not only did KojProd recently tease work on a new project, but that doesn't seem to be the only iron in the fire. Horror manga artist Junji Ito says that he might just be talking…

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Feature: Drr…Drr…Drr.

The digital urban legends of Junji Ito, and the games they’ve inspired

I first encountered Junji Ito's comics when I was a teen lurking on imageboards. "Storytime!" someone would announce, and we would all gather around the digital campfire to read some badly translated manga scans. Comics lasting only a handful of pages, quick to read and quick to share in those times when the internet was slower and darker.Perhaps you read some of them too. Remember…

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