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Flash Developer Alleges King “Cloned” Their Game

Update 2: And there’s now a statement from on the subject, also at the end of the post.

Update: There’s now a response from Matthew Cox (Junkyard Sam) at the end of the post.

This story is starting to turn into a saga in its own right. A developer is now alleging that the increasingly infamous Candy Crush Saga-creator copied the design of one of their games. Stolen Goose are the creators of a game called Scamperghost, about avoiding ghosts, collecting coins and using slow-motion to dodge. In a post explaining the situation, they say they were contacted by to license the game, but that they turned down the offer before signing any contracts when a better deal came through. They claim that then copied the game by producing a clone called Pac-Avoid.

As always, it’s not that simple.
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