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Ultra-Spider-Man: Just Cause 2

I uttered “oh come on” at least four times during this footage of the sequel to Avalanches’ gloriously stupid GTA-with-a-parachute sandbox actioner. But they were, I assure you, happy “oh come ons”. Just Cause 2 clearly intends to push plausibility far past breaking point, turning hero Rico into a fully-fledged superhero who can do whatever a spider can, but without the fruity suit and restrictive moral code. Take a gander at his absurd parachute and grappling hook skills below. Grappling a moving plane while in free-fall! He’s some guy, that Rico. Some guy.
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Just Cause 2 Announced

Eidos have officially announced Just Cause 2. Which we surely all already knew about. But hey, screenshots!

just cause 1

Rico Rodriquez returns, in what’s being described as the same game again with shinier graphics. But hey, infinite parachutes again is this: a good thing. Also, press release at the bottom for people who like to read press releases. People who write press releases, for instance. Screenshots and all nestling beneath the read-more-thing.

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