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How to get the proper Bioshock soundtrack (i.e. Beyond The Sea et al)

An awfully good party

[Edit – please don’t request a download of these songs in the Comments below. We’ll get into lots of trouble for it. Most of these songs are available on iTunes, though.]

So, I was angrier than a wasp in a box about the Moby debacle with the Bioshock limited edition. One of 2K’s multiple attempts yesterday to avoid the flaming pitchfork treatment from furious fans was to release the game’s impressive score for free. Still not what I wanted – there’s a bunch of frankly awesome, vintage 1950s songs in the game, including Beyond The Sea, Papa Loves Mambo and, uh, How much Is That Doggy In The Window. The stuff that should have been on the much-loathed soundtrack CD, in other words.

I’ve been trying to work out myself where in Bioshock’s install directory these fine vintage ditties lurked, and how to extract the songs in question so I can listen to ’em without the distraction of screaming Splicers in the background. I’d just about given up when I read this post on the official forums. A summary of how to get the songs playing whenever you want ’em to follows after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »