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How Destiny 2 works


This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the difficult journeys they’ve taken to make their games. This time, Destiny 2 [official site].

When you go down to Destiny 2’s European Dead Zone, you’ll blast your way through crowds of the Fallen and run past other players. Perhaps you’ll also have a friend by your side as you stumble across Public Events and start Adventures, the action naturally flowing as you freely explore. Of course you do! Destiny 2 is an online shooter, and online shooters do this kind of thing.

But the years of work that went into creating the technology that runs it proves that Destiny 2 is no ordinary shooter. It’s product of Bungie’s ambition to meld the rich social bustle and scale of the MMO with the twitch-precision of the FPS, and, frankly, it seems a miracle that it works at all. Destiny 2’s PvE multiplayer is a crazy and surprising melding of design and technology, and this is how it works. Read the rest of this entry »