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Wot I Think: 911 Operator

A few days before Christmas, I was involved in a car accident. No-one was seriously hurt, but I spent 90 minutes stood alone on a central reservation, shaking from both cold and shock, watching car after car after car nearly collide with my own wrecked and dangerously stranded vehicle, waiting for police who never came. I called twice. Both times I was told they’d be right there. They did not show (FYI roadside recovery did eventually, an hour after their ETA). I was as furious as I was terrified.

15 minutes with 911 Operator [official site] was all it took to entirely sympathise with why they didn’t send a car out. Read the rest of this entry »

Dispatch cops in your hometown with 911 Operator

Emergency services simulator 911 Operator [official site] was released on Friday, putting you at the desk of an operator who takes calls and dispatches ambulances, fire trucks and police units to help citizens (or sometimes just to shut down a loud party). I’ve just played about 45 minutes, during which time I ignored all public drunkenness in a fictional town and saved a cat from a tree. It was fun, in a surprisingly slow-burning way. But then I entered the game’s ‘free mode’ and it detected my own city, quickly loading up a map of San Jose to play in. “That’s quite impressive,” I thought, as I peered at the ‘search for other city’ field. Expecting no results, I typed in my hometown. Lo and behold, it loaded up. I can now direct the police force of Lurgan, Northern Ireland.
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