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I Am Pretty Much All About This Rock Opera Game

I have no eyes so I must sing

You might remember that I reported on the Indiegogo for a rock opera videogame called Karmaflow a while back. Dumb name I know, but rock operas are kind of inherently dumb in the most spectacular, wonderful fashions possible. The crowdfunding campaign didn’t quite get full funding, but it yielded enough for the team to really get into the multi-part harmony with string accompaniment that is game development. It’s looking like exactly my kind of thing, too: think Journey with power metal sing-a-longs. I KNOW. I know. New trailer below.

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Less Brutal, More Legend: Karmaflow Is A Rock Opera

that sure is a thing right there

As a recovering, relapse-prone power metal fan, I feel duty-bound to tell you about Karmaflow. On one hand, it’s a puzzle platform adventure inspired by the likes of Zelda, Journey, and Darksiders, but on the other, it’s an actual, factual power metal rock opera. Characters burst into glorious mane-tousling, guitar-combusting shred ballads, with voices provided by the likes of DragonForce singer Marc Hudson, Epica’s Simone Simons, and Cradle of Filth’s Dani, er, Filth. This sounds like the best worst thing ever.

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