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Ken Silverman’s long-lost BUILD2 engine released


A tempting morsel for the techies, creators and archivists among us before RPS news signs off for the weekend. Apogee/3D Realms’ BUILD engine has seen a bit of press in recent weeks, thanks to the early access launch of Ion Maiden, a Duke Nukem 3D successor built using the famed DOS-era codebase, albeit running through a modern source-port.

After abandoning a first attempt at a successor engine way back in the day due to difficulties in creating a first-person editing interface, original engine developer Ken Silverman returned to the fray in 2006. Work continued on BUILD2 until 2011 before he lost interest. Now, he’s released the final work-in-progress version to the public, and it’s impressive enough that I find myself wondering what the retro FPS scene would look like today if this came out 7 years ago.

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