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Enjoyable To Borable: 50 Free Minigames From Kenta Cho


Japanese developer Kenta Cho might be best known round these parts for the shmups he’s made under the name ABA Games, but they’re far from all he makes. In 2014 alone he released 50 free browser-based minigames, from platformers to number puzzles, and has put them all together for your playing pleasure. “But Alice, that’s an awful lot of games,” you might well comment, “and surely some are a bit iffy, so where would I even start?” Handily, he’s also ranked them all in order from, in his humble opinion, enjoyable to “borable”. I’ve had a grand old time getting stuck in.

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Least Best Room (with an Overview)

Guess what this is? Click for a larger view, for extra help.



Say what you like about Kenta “ABA Games” Cho, but you’re never in doubt what any of his work is, even at a glance. Which means it’s a cause for celebration that he’s gone and released another one, Least Best Room.

If you’re a watcher of anything indie or SHMUP!, you’ll almost certainly be aware of Kenta. In fact, his reputation’s risen to the level where he gets a degree of grief from people who consider him not all that. Which is unfair, and – putting aside the merit of much of his work – the secret of his success is plain.

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