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Roguelike FPS Pit Of Doom delves into early access

I still reckon that Sword Of The Stars: The Pit is one of the more underrated roguelikes. Wonky at launch, but through many patches and expansions it grew into something pleasantly System Shock-ish. Pit Of Doom is effectively a first-person remake, launched into early access today and latest in Kerberos' series of spinoffs from their Sword Of The Stars strategy setting. It's a real-time dungeon…

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Oh No, There Goes Tokyo: Kaiju A Gogo Released

A few years back, during my short stint working with physical games for public events, I had dreams to build a Godzilla-esque model city for people to walk around, admire, hang out in, and - if they wanted to - stomp to the ground. Controlling a giant kaiju to crush cities and armies and bring the world to heel sorta appeals to me, then.That's Kaiju…

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Build Your Own Joke: Ground Pounders

About every six months there's a little section of my brain that lights up, firing familiar neurons out towards my question centers. "Why," they thunder, "in the name of the holy keyboard, mouse and monitor trinity hasn't somebody ripped off Advance Wars yet?" Usually this statement takes fly on twitter and various half-measures are pointed out to me. In the end I forget the whole…

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Sword Of The Stars II, Too

The chaps over at Paradox Interactive have been announcing loads of games recently, and one of the standout titles is the sequel to lesser-known 4X game, Sword Of The Stars. The new game sounds like something of a remake, as it'll include the races from the original game and its numerous expansions. This should excite quite a few space-fanatics, as the original game was a…

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