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A Psychogeography Of Games #3: Kerry Turner

This is the third of 6 talks I’m doing for Videobrains walking with game designers and thinking about how the landscape of their lives affects their game design. If you enjoy this series, please back me at This week, developer Kerry Turner, creator of indie gem Heartwood.

We’re going to Brighton, the long way round.

Around 12,000 years ago the ice left Yorkshire. As the glaciers passed by they scraped away earth and vegetation to reveal the limestone below, a flat bare surface. Limestone is slightly soluble and as rain hit it over and over and over joints and cracks in the limestone wore away into tiny streams, drainage to the earth below. The dialect word for those fissures is ‘grykes’, the paving-slab like regular stone they divide: ‘clints’. In modern terms it’s a limestone pavement. Malham Cove is one of these rare formations, not far from a ravine called Gordale Scar, a few miles or so out of Malham, North Yorkshire.

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Follow The White Rabbit: A Spooky Trip Into Heartwood

Run, rabbit.

Look, Heartwood will not mean to you what it means to me. As I follow spectral animals through a dark grove, I see so much of designer and programmer Kerry Turner, and my friendship with her: riding a miniature steam train in Hove Park, coming close to tears in a magical doll’s house shop, being those terrible tall women cackling through games events, and things I don’t want to talk about. And through Kerry I met Cara (and through Kerry Cara met Kieron, through whom Cara met you rabble), and look, this game is a keepsake of a friendship for me and I’m being honest about that.

Heartwood won’t mean all of that to you, but you may very well enjoy the dread of being lost in it. It’s short and it’s free, so go see something weird.

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Open Your Eyes, Time To Wake Up: Enough

This image is a Stalinist-revisionist-edit on the  real game. YOU UNDERSTAND WHY!!!!!

Among the people I met at Gamecamp was splendidly-fringed J. Nash obsessive Kerry Turner who was simultaneously pleased and a little bemused by the glowing commentaryand angry debate around the results of her weekend play with Flixel. The game in question is Enough, a teeeny little art game about inevitability which reverses the usual survival-is-triumph motif of videogames to John Walker-esque effect. Very quick to play, and worth doing so. But Up to Jump, Kerry? What would Amiga Power say?

(They’d be fine, as there’s another option. BUT STILL)