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Foot Like A Traction Engine: Kickabout League

Honestly, I dig this.

This is risking being a turn-up for the RPS books. I’m meant to be going to an interview, in a pub. Like – now. But I keep on playing games of this online foot-to-ball game, Kickabout League. Yes! A browser-based foot-to-ball game has got its teeth into me. Now, I’ve only played for a handful of matches, but this really seems to be an appealing, top-down mouse-and-keys esque take on football, cut to the bone. That is, no-throw-ins (There’s an agreeable pinball-esque off-the-wall approach) and lots of GOOOOOOAAALLLLing. I’ve even managed to win some matches, which shows that the learning curve can’t be that steep. You can sign up here or read a few more, interview-going-delaying thoughts below…
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