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Build A Punchbot: Robofighting In Voice Of Steel

Bif! Bam! Clonk! Fzzt! Pop! Krrrnkzzap! Korrhkkkslrrp! Those sounds and more will surely be heard in Voice of Steel [official site], a newly-revealed online fighting game where robots will bash each other to pieces. They’re not plain old off-the-rack fightbots, but ones you design yourself by snapping together components and even designing physics-simulated fighting moves.

Want to make your robot jab fight at the foe’s block to knock it clean off? You’ll get to create that. I’m a lover, me, not a fighter – I intend to teach my robot my coolest dance moves. Though as I once broke my own nose with a knee to the face during Total Eclipse, it’ll end in oiltears either way.

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Space Siege Violentosity Trailer


Last time we posted a trailer of Gas Powered Games’ forthcoming game, Space Siege, the RPS comments threads seemed distinctly unimpressed. Is that all you’ve got, Mr Space Siege? A new, a distinctly more impressive trailer, suggests not. It’s lurking beneath the cut, along with a second-by-second breakdown.
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