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Schhwingsplat: Bladeless Is Minimalist Swordfighting Glee

Ow! Blade, stop belying me!

I’m pretty sure Bladeless‘ title is wrong. Based on the number of heads I saw fly (many of which were mine), I feel pretty safe in saying that there are, in fact, blades. Either that or they don’t build unnervingly silent samurai monsters like they used to. But then, in this economy… Anyway. Bladeless’ focus is on briefly telegraphed attacks and split-second reactions. It’s hardly the most original formula ever (Hello, Punch-Out, every game that’s ripped off Punch-Out), but Bladeless’ side-scrolling duel setup and utterly sublimeĀ feel put it head and shoulders above the rest. At least, until a lightning strike katana slice trims off those conveniently exposed extremities.

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