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Well, When You Put It That Way: Kill The Bad Guy

Cars. Like sneaky houses.

Sometimes, I’m not exactly after a moral dilemma. I don’t want to weigh the choices between two opposing factions in a deep and meaningful world. I’m not after thrilling vistas or twisting, surprising plotlines. I just want to be pointed at a dude, told he’s not very nice and told to dispose of him. Kill The Bad Guy¬†adds wrecking balls, police-barricade-fired rail spikes and all manner of other brutally efficient means to disembowel and decapitate. Built around the rather flimsy plot of a secret society taking out criminals and other do-badders, any similarities with the real world end rather quickly. It’s a collection of mono-chrome playgrounds built purely for creating a spectacle of the death of a masked man through cunning placement of physics objects and good timing. A trailer, demo and deets if you can prove to me you’re not one of them.

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