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King Under The Mountain kickstarts with a demo

The last time we looked at the dwarf settlements of King Under The Mountain [official site] Pip was admiring its Autumn leaves, like some kind of weird nature lover. This month the Dwarf Fortress-inspired management game has popped onto Kickstarter where developers Rocket Jump Technology are asking for 45 large. But, more importantly, it now has a playable build for potential leaf-lovers to try out. Or, if you’re lazy, here’s a video.
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Autumn Leaves In King Under The Mountain


Here’s a little dev blog post about trees changing colour in King Under The Mountain which I found on ModDB this morning. King Under The Mountain [official site] is listed as “a simulation strategy game where you build and manage a settlement in a fantasy world”. That’s as maybe, but I don’t believer there’s a playable build at the moment so I am definitely here for the trees!

It’s a simple thing where variation is introduced into the forested areas by means of pixel colour swatches which are linked to each species of tree. I’ve seen riffs on the idea before but there was something really nice about acknowledging September’s arrival with a video showing in-development trees changing colour.

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