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MidBoss update makes life easier with fast travel and new abilities

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MidBoss is a roguelike that puts you in the shoes of a lowly dungeon imp. You rise to glory by possessing other monsters and stealing their abilities, working your way up the dungeon food chain until eventually usurping the dungeon boss himself. It’s much like the way I’ve been possessing my colleagues at RPS, absorbing their writing abilities one by one until I’m ready to take a run at head honcho Graham Smith.

The latest MidBoss update might not help me with that, though if you’ve played the game then you’ll pleased to hear that the update does away with various inventory management woes, adds three new abilities and introduces a fast travel system.

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Go On A Head: Ultra Hat Dimension

Do you like hats? I like hats. Hats with stars, hats with bows, hats with wings, even witch’s hats. Contrary to how it may at first sound, Ultra Hat Dimension [official site] is not a washed up European trance DJ duo, but is an excellent puzzle game that features all of the aforementioned head dressings. And Spluffs – incessantly grinning Pac Man-ghost-like beings how go around punching folk. And it has a demo. Intrigued? Me too!

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