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Haunted Cities Volume 2 is a free four-pack of surreal horror games


Halloween may have been and gone, but there were so many spooky treats that we didn’t have time to savour them all. If you haven’t yet had your fill of fright based fun then Kitty Horrorshow has you covered. She’s released a free collection of four short, experimental games, all of which have one foot/tentacle planted firmly in the surreal. Kitty’s been making games of a similar ilk for over 5 years now, such as Anatomy, Chyrza and Dust City, so she knows her stuff.

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Have You Played… Anatomy?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

Anatomy [official site] is one of the most memorable horror games I’ve ever played. It took me days before I could shake off the unease it gently placed on my soul. So much horror is about manipulating our fears, but Anatomy is the rare kind of game that exploits our comforts — chiefly the feeling of being safe at home.

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VHS Horrorshow: ANATOMY

I spent a few hours yesterday thinking about short horror games, partly thanks to Resident Evil 7’s creepy demo and partly because that’s the kind of thing my brain turns to on a Monday morning. The Resi teaser uses a VHS tape in one important segment, beautifully reproducing the quality, without overdoing visual noise and other flaws. I’d love to see that VHS aesthetic expanded in the full game, as well as the use of found footage as an interactive tool.

It was only when I’d finished writing that I remembered ANATOMY [official site], Kitty Horrorshow’s deeply unsettling game that you might have missed earlier this year. If you’re at all interested in weird takes on haunted houses, you really should play it.

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The Indie Devs You Won’t Hear About At E3

Why do those big knuckleheads get all the attention? We all know about the yearly blockbusters of Ubisoft. And we can all see the behemoth that is EA. Yes, yes, they’ve got a new FIFA, that’s great. But look away from these giants for a moment and you can clearly see the eco-system of game development harbouring thousands of other organisms. In the spirit of our newly launched ‘anti-E3 campaign’, here are some of those organisms.

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Body Horror: Explore A Spooky House In Anatomy

How would like to play a game that ruins your day in real life?

Who asked if it’s an MMO? 2 points to you. Who said it must a cookie clicker? You, at the back, 10 points to you! Unfortunately, you’re both wrong. I was talking about Anatomy [official site]. The latest by Kitty Horrorshow comes in from the large spaces of some of her previous games to focus on a claustrophobic house. If you want to know why I’m terrified that I’ll have to spend the day home alone, jump past the break.

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Smash Televisions: Dog Wolve

Don’t you ever want to simply smash up a load of stuff? Beat things until they explode? Dance in showers of fragmented glass and china? I’ve been pushing for The Wild Rumpus to make our next event a fair because I want to set up a crockery smash (wisely, everyone’s ignoring me on that).

Free game Dog Wolve [official site] offers me, and you, a virtual taste of wanton destruction. Slam a tape into your boom box, draw your baseball bat, and for six minutes go break some trash televisions with your dog.

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Stuff Wot I Have Played Yesterday

I have been using this stock photo professionally for almost six years. I treat it like a woodworker does a prized plane handed down through the generations. I want to say a former co-worker found it in a PC Gaming Alliance report?

As I lamented yesterday that I’d spent the working morning playing games I probably wouldn’t write about, Alec suggested that I stick ’em all together into one short post. Hey, that’s a good idea!

I play a load of small games every day, and most of them are free, but I only end up writing posts about a few. So here’s what I played yesterday morning, from wandering a labyrinthine hotel to leading a jazz band in a rhythm-based beat ’em up.

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Cops, Androids, And Murders In The Right Side Of Town

Fact: androids don't get lung cancer.

D’you remember You Were Made for Loneliness? Y’know, fab Twine game about an android reasserting her sentience? Was maid to a lonely old woman? Came out last year? The one with all the loneliness? That’s the one! 500 years later, Alec, John, Jim, Kieron, Pip, Graham and the rest are all dead, and I’ll still be there ticking away by myself. Meanwhile, in the game, that android is living secretly in human society and has joined the police.

Follow-up game The Right Side of Town [official page] came out earlier this month, and I’ve finally got around to playing it. It’s pretty nice!

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Chyrza: A Short Night Vale-ish Horror Story

Seems like a lovely spot for a picnic

If you’re in the mood for an atmospheric short story I’m going to suggest you point your personal computer towards Chyrza and click all the buttons necessary to download and play it.

Developer Kitty Horrorshow refers to it as a first-person flash-fiction horror story. What you’ll find is an abandoned desert village near a mysterious pyramid. Around the edges of the village you’ll see mysterious platforms and pillars to explore, each containing a trigger for the next part of the story.

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Freeware Garden: Dust City

Meta-post-modern landscape architecture is the vice of the future.I can’t quite explain why playing through Kitty Horrorshow’s Dust City felt so great, but I suppose it must be due to a combination of the joys of exploring strange worlds, the realization that some truly clever things have been included in this game and the brilliant atmosphere that evokes an ungodly mix of Pathologic, Geoff Crammond’s Sentinel and Phenomenon 32.

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