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The RPS Summer Games: Clock Simulator

First up on the RPS Summer Games schedule is Clock Simulator [official site]. Such a simple game – all you have to do is click your mouse in time with the passing of each second – tick, tock, tick, tock. We’ll be playing the mode called The Fragility Of Time where you’re only allowed to miss the beat five times. Find out which of RPS has learned to embrace their inner metronome…

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Tick Tock Pig O’Clock: It’s Clock Simulator

Clock Simulator

Clock Simulator [official site]. It’s one of those games that sounds like a joke. Something along the lines of Goat Simulator. But I played it out of curiosity and it’s a weird and interesting thing.

I’m going to caveat this by saying it’s entirely possible that you’d play it and still think it was a joke along the lines of Goat Simulator because all you’re really doing is clicking the mouse or pressing keyboard keys to measure out seconds as they tick by. It’s also repetitive by design and, for me, ridiculously difficult.

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