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Psychedelic 360 Degree Spaceshoots: Kromaia Released

It is rare that I have as little idea what the hell is going on as I did playing Kromaia. That’s not just in games, either. I’ve been blind drunk stumbling around a hotel in Birmingham and still had a firmer grasp of the logical progression of events than I did during the last half hour. Kromaia is understandable at a basic level: a 360 degrees of movement third-person shooter, most reminiscent of space blasters. I’m reluctant to just call it a space sim, as that would paint a grossly unrepresentative picture in your head. Kromaia is far more insanely colourful, madly loud and ludicrously non-nonsensical than that.

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Abstract Space: Kromaia

The crowd appears to miss the space sims of old and would very much like to fund new iterations of interstellar conflict simulators. With Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous both raising enormous sums of cash, it’d be easy to think that only the largest vessels are of interest, but there’s plenty of space to go around, and some of it should be filled with the small and the strange. Enter Kromaia, which is certainly looking rather strange, but also rather large. It has a “navigation system…entirely driven by physical forces…Fluid displacement for novices and, for experts, impossible turns and extreme dodging, combined with boost, while moving over the real speed of sound.” I once bumped into somebody else’s car while moving at 5mph. Novice systems for me.

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What Is Best In Space: Kromaia

Superbly-named indie devs Kraken Empire have sent word that they are very busy working on a space-physics shooter, Kromaia. They claim that by introducing real-physics to a good control system, they are creating something really special for space combat. They say: “Our universe feels completely coherent because every object is physically modelled. As a result the game is really immersive as we were expecting from a game without interface that takes place in an extremely solid and coherent world… Making a black hole is not difficult by itself, but when you plan a battle between different enemies firing hundreds of projectiles and colliding with asteroids while all of them are attracted by the black holeā€¦”

Yeah, we get the idea. PHYSICS! There’s a video of the game in action, below. They’re also looking for some testers. Go check out the blog for more on that.
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