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Catnap Over: Blade Kitten Ep 2 Released After Four Years

The second episode of a mostly-forgotten episodic game being released over four years after it was nearly finished, and after its makers mostly closed, is the sort of weird game news that makes me trill “Ooh! Weird!” So: Blade Kitten [official site] Episode 2 came out yesterday. Ooh! Weird!

“Episode 2 was nearly completed 9 months ago then was put on indefinite hold because Atari didn’t want to publish it,” developers Krome Studios explained way back in July 2011. “We are looking at other avenues to release Episode 2.” It took them a while.

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No Pussy Blues: Blade Kitten Demo

If I was any less hungover, I'm sure there would be a whole load of jokes I could put here. Er... the one on the right looks like Gwenno from the Pipettes. Maybe some gag about the Pipettes turn-over of members? Okay - got it. Pretend I'm starting again. 'Pipettes V3's group dynamics were proving somewhat less than ideal.' Yes.

Catgirls, eh? Based on the comic series, you play Kit Ballard, presumably named after both one of RPS’ fave authors and fave chocolate-covered-wafer biscuit (Except for Drifters). You get up to stuff, seemingly in a left-right-scrolling fashion. You can find more out on the site, download the demo here or even buy the thing on steam for ten quid from Steam or Gamersgate. Some footage? I think so.

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Scratching Eyes Out: Blade Kitten

So it seems that Atari are going to insist that side-scrolling action platformers are a thing that can happen, by announcing Blade Kitten. Atari say: “Players will jump right in and easily begin exploring and fighting their way through 19 levels, including three exploration levels with Noot (a rideable alien mount). Blade Kitten also features straight forward gameplay mechanics, intuitive “scramble style” exploration, fully voiced dialogue, dramatic narrative and powerful visual direction.” Powerfully pink, anyway. The game is out in September. Trailer below.

(And I’m wishing there was some way we could track exactly how many RPS readers pick this up when it is released.)
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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (Phew!)

LucasArts have announced that they’re making another game of their Clone Wars animated series, and this one is headed to PC. It’s called Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes and it’s an action game featuring the exploits of a Jedi and a Clone Trooper. It does sound a lot like they’re taking their cues from the success of Lego Star Wars, with the game being “built around two-player cooperative action, the accessible controls and family-friendly gameplay.” Jumping, shooting, hovering, sabering trailer posted ‘neath the click.

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