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Impressions: Trauma

There really isn't anything traumatic to speak of.

Originally due in 2009, it’s been quite a wait for Krystian Majewski’s Trauma. Nominated in three IGF 2010 categories, including the Grand Prize, it was pipped in each, but clearly highly lauded. Kieron spoke to the developer about it back then. Well, it’s just been released this very hour, and having played it I’m jolly well going to say things about it.

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IGF Factor 2010: Trauma

Trauma is unusual, and blistering with potential. It puts you as a girl, surviving a car accident, trying to piece together her identity via experiencing photograph-formed visions. Beautiful, unconventional and hauntingly atmospheric, I can’t wait to play the finished game. As it’s been shortlisted for Audio, Visual Design and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize in the IGF, I suspect I’m far from not alone. An interview with developer Krystian Majewski and footage of the game in action follows…
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