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Gabe Newell Is Heading Down Under

It's official - Gabe Newell is heading for Australia. If you missed the story of how 19 year old L4D modder Joe W-A ended up raising $3000 (US) to fly Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson out to see his L4D map in order to convince Newell to stop boycotting it... Er, you need to go read this and this. Now Valve have confirmed that they'll…

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The Boycott Joe’s L4D Map Campaign

The Boycott Left 4 Dead 2 campaign has taken some very strange turns in the last few days. You may well have heard the remarkable story of Valve flying two of the campaign's figureheads to visit their Seattle HQ last week. Walking_Target and Agent of Chaos were flown to the developers and shown the game running, as well as given behind-the-scenes access to the continuing…

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Fevered: Left 4 Dead 2 Heads To The Swamp

This week's Comic Con sees Valve revealing new sections of Left 4 Dead 2 to the public. We've already seen the daytime levels set in New Orleans for The Parish campaign. Now comes Swamp Fever, with its misty, boggy setting, putting at ease those who were afraid the game wouldn't be dark enough. This will reveal the new Boss Infected, The Spitter. We're told, "The…

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