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Brock Paper Shotgun: SWAT 2 and real-time terrorist motivations

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**You might remember my long-running weekend column DOS Boot. Well. Turns out the one time I thought of a pun and decided it was just too much, everyone in the comment section demanded that I lean in. (Also, I was overwhelmingly not playing games that were on DOS. Whoops.) So me taking a little time each weekend to revisit some ridiculous PC title is now called Brock Paper Shotgun. Fight me.**

I love getting smarter. I thought I was smart in my 20s and I was, decidedly, not. What have I done to change things in the interim? I stopped playing as many video games and I started watching a lot of documentaries that made me sad a bunch. One of the weirdest moments this lead to was a series of docs about the LA riots that informed me LAPD Chief Daryl F. Gates was not a hero. This was something of a problem, because LAPD Chief Daryl F. Gates helped make the Police Quest games, and I grew up thinking that’s what made him the Best Good Dude. I was, for some reason, shattered to discover that the guy I thought was The One Good Cop was actually not.

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