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Telltale Also Working On Law & Order Game

I don't understand a courtroom that doesn't have ghosts and point-haired shouty men.

As we all know, Telltale are busy bees. They’re currently juggling nine or ten announced projects, despite not being that enormous a team, to varying degrees of success. And yet there’s still no announcement of Strong Bad season 2 to let me smile once more. Their most recent, Jurassic Park, was something of a T-Rex-sized disappointment, with its Metacritic score of 56 being somewhat buoyed by a rather peculiar 90 at the top. (But then, a 70 has the quote, “These poorly implemented QTE sections cripple the intent of presenting an interactive storytelling experience”, and calls the gameplay (whatever that is) “empty and stale”, so, well, scores eh?) Point being, they’re doing a lot. But what about what they don’t mention on their website? Well, that would be the TV tie-in stuff. The latest being Law & Order: Legacies.

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