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The Bleeding Edges: Extrasolar

The Bleeding Edges is a series of articles on alternative reality gaming – games that blur the line between reality and fiction, smudge the edges of the frame and let the game bleed over into your real life.

When I reviewed The Temporal Invasion last week, I lamented that it fell short of the reality-augmenting pleasure* that I’d found in 2003’s In Memoriam, and wished there were more games that could blur reality and fantasy in such interesting ways. People told me about some. I’ve been playing them. And goodness me, if I’m not rather enjoying playing Extrasolar [official site].

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Explore Strange New Worlds, Get Weird Emails: Extrasolar

So, a clever thing happened before I’d even started playing the game which has me on Spoiler Protection Alert, and thus rather ill-placed to say useful things about Extrasolar. Added to that is that this planetary exploration game itself plays in real-time, which means I need to wait several hours for my interstellar rover to trek across miles of alien terrain before I can usefully report back on the unfolding adventure. Which does, of course, mean I’ve spent far too much of today starting a timer in a browser window, desperate to see what’s going to happen when it reaches zero.

Extrasolar is free, though optional paid upgrades are available. You should sign up while you wait for me to file a longer report. Though I do believe there are limited spaces. Perhaps you’ll find a way to get in anyway.
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We’ll Go Some More A-Roving: Extrasolar

The Nevada Desert
A potentially habitable planet has been discovered outside our solar system and, right now, the eXoplanetary Research Institute is looking for volunteers to explore the surface. You’d be controlling a rover and gathering data on the planet and its inhabitants, whether flora or fauna. Sound good? That’s the premise of the new game from Lazy 8 Studios, makers of Cogs. It’s called Extrasolar and it’s nigh on impossible to figure out how it’ll play at the moment since the marketing takes the form of a fictional website for a fictional company. We’re promised a narrative experience and it sounds like players will work together to unveil the planet’s mysteries over time. The website is a good read and there’s at least a polite nod toward actual space science history. Hopefully that will carry through to the game. Trailer/recruitment video below.

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IGF Factor 2010: Cogs

I want one of these.

How beautiful, how wonderful can you make a sliding puzzle game? With a steam-punk flourish, Lazy 8 Studios’ Cogs shows exactly how far the genre can be pushed. Comrade Walker – our official master of puzzles – totally adored it upon its release. Now that it’s picked up a nomination for Excellence in Design, we thought it time to talk to their Rob Jagnow about all things indie-games. Footage and chattage follows…
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Revolutionary: Cogs Impressions

No, it's okay, it's not by Cryo, come back!

If you look at a British £2 coin, you’ll notice there’s a motif in the design of one of the circles that shows a series of interlocking cogs. When the coin was originally launched, the Royal Mint declared that these cogs represented “the evolution of technology from the Iron Age to the internet”. Another thing you’ll notice if you look carefully is there are nineteen cogs, an odd number, all interlaced, thus any attempt to use this mechanism would lead to its snapping and spraying bits of cog everywhere. (Unless it were on a Möbius strip, supernerds.) This is the sort of thing you’ll become expert on after playing a Cogs for a while.

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