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League Of Legends 2015 Worlds Anthem – More Esports Or Less Esports Than Imagine Dragons?

This evening will be spent watching Legends Rising - a bunch of League of Legends [official site] documentaries focusing on specific pro players - but right now I'm digging through everything else the Worlds hype train deposited while I was on holiday. I like taking a look at what Riot do in the run up to Worlds because it's a total contrast to Valve's approach…

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Feature: Your guide to the Rift's biggest tourney

League Of Legends World Championships 2015 Primer

Riot have co-opted the whole of October INCLUDING HALLOWE'EN for the League of Legends [official site] 2015 World Championship. I will be watching/cheering/glaring/continuing to email Riot's PR department about taking the winning team trick or treating in Berlin using the Summoner's Cup as a candy receptacle*. You might want to do those things too (maybe not the last one). But wait! What if you don't…

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